Info. about some of the tablers at this year’s fest, what they will be tabling, and anything else they thought you should know.

Artificiality Distro
Focuses on zines that are about Anarchist theory and practice, in regards to philosophy, self-sufficiency skills, and anything on the periphery. Will occasionally have magazines, books, or documentaries/videos. Usually ask for monetary donations to match costs of printing, paper, or dvd’s (anti-profit overall though…will consider zine/literature donations in exchange).

Carey Smith
new zine, hot off the presses: Oddlife is a collection of stories from someone who has never lived a mainstream life.

Cassie Tompkins/Regional Zine
Regional zine examines the history and culture of American cuisine. Each issue explores a specific region or type of food, is uniquely packaged, and folds out to an 11.5″ x 16.5″ poster of original artwork.
Twitter: @regionalzine

Catherine Victoria, one half of WormWire
WormWire’s first official zine “Sparkleshroom”, the tale of two souls on a journey.

Optical Delusion, Saturnine, All The Houses I Have Lived In, plus distributed zines.

Daniel Ristau
LEAVE YOUR MARK BOOKMARKS – L.Y.M.B. is a new project that I started in attempts to connect readers in a unique and creative way. All the bookmarks are FREE and handcrafted. Recipients of bookmarks are asked to mark their page from time to time and reflect on their reading experience. They are invited to send their reflections toa website/blog where they are reposted for others to read. Though it launched only two months ago, bookmarks have found their way into two countries, four states, and six bookstores, encouraging people in all these places to leave their mark.
and ACHIEVING AVALON LANDING: ISSUE #1 – Achieving Avalon Landing is my first zine. It spawned from a blog where I post creative non-fiction from time to time. A.A.L. started out as an exercise in pursuit of original thought, but became a collection of stories about people and experiences that have confirmed, challenged, and changed my perspective. A documentation of personal observations, this zine is less about me than it is about the characters I’ve encountered along the way.

Eric Bartholomew
Junk Drawer Zine: all about odds & ends.

georgi johnston/DaveRoche/curiouser Jane
Georgi writes a bunch of different zines (the most recent is about classical composer Erik Satie. It’s called Erik Satie was a Punk). georgi also writes about travel in Georgi and the Haunted Minivan (episode 3 is a daily comic issue, and has a vegan cookbook zine, cooking with yossarian. georgi says “i love maps and jackfruit is my favorite thing.”
Dave makers/writes/tables if nothing else the sky, on subbing, about my disappearance, and curse journal. Dave has a new book out and he’s super excited to talk about penguins and australia.
curiouser jane makes curioddity, is from Chicago, and is a Gemini.

Jamie ( brings perzines about life in the Midwest, choose-your-own-adventures about zombie outbreaks, and zines about radical menstruation. Clever and to-the-point, her old-school cut-and-paste zines will help you appreciate the little bit of weird in our day-to-day lives.

Joe Coyle/Becca Sorget
zines made by young people, and The Beat Within (a biweekly magazine that publishes the art and writing of young people in custody).

korye//art is dead productions little zine of horrors, american robotic zine, sex, art, rock n’ roll zine. art and horror zines.

Makerspace Urbana is dedicated to enabling the blend of arts, humanities, science and technology. Our mission is to provide an open community lab where people of diverse backgrounds can learn, teach, tinker, collaborate, share, innovate, socialize, and create.

Molly Roberts/Herspeak
Girl Positive Words and Pictures.

Rachel Lauren Storm/ACHEY BREAKY HEART
A collection of zines produced in the Midwest that span poetry, photography, experimental writing.

Sara Tea
Zines & buttons some comics from a Chicage based online store soon launching with accessories, zines & art that I find from my travels. Authentic, legitimate & inspired.
& soon
+ my podcast

Self-Publishers of Chicago/Nicki
collaboratively produced Self-Publishers of Chicago zines and personal work.

Steve Schaberg
A Dope Mouthfeel, Pork Chop, Cyber Muscle 2000 (and some prints!).

Tanner Ballengee
photo, memoir, and poetry zines.

Women’s Resources Center/National Organization for Women
A collection of zines exploring feminism(s) and topics related to women’s lives, including consent, sexual health, sexuality, self-defense, body image/eating concerns, etc. All of our zines can be found in the Women’s Resources Center Zine Library located at 703 S. Wright St. 2nd Floor, Champaign, IL 61802, open M-TH 9am-9pm, F 9am-5pm for check-out. New library submissions are accepted daily.